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Welcome to the Teen Rantings Live Journal community. The idea for this community was based on my own need to express myself not only to my friends but to a group of people with the same thoughts and feelings as me. This community is made for teenagers to rant and rave about problems at home, school, or life in general. In return, you will be given the advice and support of teens who have been through your experiences. You may post any advice requested as long as it is helpful and not hurtful. Though I am a string believer in constructive criticism, I still believe in the respect for others.

1. Use constructive criticism only. Telling someone that what they are doing isn’t a good idea or could potentially hurt them is one thing, but don’t take it to a level where you are putting down the other person.
2. Respect the ideas of others. By posting here you are leaving your questions open to be answered by any one of our members. Do not get mad at them simply because you do not agree with their thoughts on the matter. After all, it was you who asked for those thoughts in the first place.
3. Keep profanity to a minimum. I understand the need and habit of people our age to express anger in vulgar statements but this is a public community so respect the younger audience as well as the older.
4. Do not advertise other communities on this journal. This is simply an advice and expression journal, not a way to gain members. If you come across, or create a community that falls into the same category as this let me know through an e-mail and I will look it over and post it in the community info.
5. Finally, when joining this community please be sure to introduce yourself. This introduction can include as much or as little information as you would like. I do ask that you at least include your grade or age in the first if not all posts so the responders will have a better idea of how to present the advice.
6. Sorry, one more. The most important rule is that you be honest. To get accurate advice you need to have an accurate story to base it on. Be honest when posting advice as well because people will take you seriously.