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ahhh i swear to god imma kill myself i dont care ne more

ok so heres the deal.....volleyball started off great i was comin home and i was actually happy....but now that chris wont start me, and he actually made permanent captains, and hes starting first year players its not fun ne more i....oh an besides the fack that kiesha's ALWAYS ON HIS DAMN BALLS!!!!! fuckin ass hole should be on varsity only cuz she a senior but if sch wasnt a senior she should be on jv i cant stand it ne more then fuckin my geometry teachers a bitch to me cuz she dont like my bro and she thinks we're exactly alike....but fuck every one i dont care ne more i only care about jin...and a few choice other ppl but if kiesha plays tomorrow in the game im goin to quit because she didnt show up to practice so she shouldn't be able to play....
im done for now
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