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Well i guess I will be the first person to post a rant of some sort in here.

My problem has to do soley with myself. Ive found that when large emotional events happen I tend not to show the expected emotion. I put on a happy front or sum other emotion. Then wen small things happen I will explode or just let out a portion of the anger or saddness that is pent up in me. Ive been told numerous times that i should try to find a way to let everything out and to start letting myself feel more. The only problem is that i do it without knoing it. I will start preparing myself for the worst without knoing it by going through horrible senarios in my head. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to get myself to stop doing that and to let myself feel more. It would really be helpful becuz it would let me feel more comfortable around ppl.

~ Tricia ~

PS ~ I noticed that i didnt post my age in my intro. I am going into the 10th grade and will be 16 in 3 months.
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